Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Miniatures: By Popular Demand!

Well, I had an unusually large number of folks tell me I needed to post pictures of my recent haul of Infinity miniatures that I was planning on converting to Shep and the Gang. I must admit, while I appreciate that kind of feedback, in this case, I don't actually get it.
Hac Tao as Blood Dragon Shepard

Hassassin Fiday as Tali

Odalisque as Liara (maybe)
Really? I need pics for this? Ok. Once they are assembled(ish) I am going to take some scale pics with 40k, Dust Tactics, and Halo Action Clix miniatures, just to help out folks with scale issues. Speaking of scale issues, I think I might have a problem with my plan of using an elite for Garrus. Yes, Turians seem a bit taller than humans, but maybe not that much taller. Once I have assembled these three, we'll see.


Mik said...

Woohoo! Pics! Infinity figs are soooo nice that even blister pack shots are worthwhile. Looking forward to this project progressing!

Anonymous said...

For Garrus you could try a converted Kroot from GW's Tau range, maybe kitbashed with some DEldar parts. Wrex and/or Grunt you could use Saurus Temple Guard.

Frontline Gamer said...

Personally I'd stick with Infinity figs for your project, I'd personally look at one of the Yaogats for Garus as they're only very slightly taller than the Infinity human figures. Also their armour fits better. You'd need a decent head swap though.

paws4thot said...

If it helps, it was one of your painting features that someone else linked to that got me to start reading your blog.

Oh and this project has sort of worked; I've started in on my Stratos 4 (UK name) TSR2 4M.