Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Miniatures. The Easy Part.

Shepard. Despite being the main character, he is fairly generic and customizable. While Gotthammer's conversion is made to represent his helmetless, female Shep Shepard, I needed something to represent my male John Shepard in his Blood Dragon Armor. Yes, I use the Blood Dragon armor.
I figured it would be relatively easy to find something pretty close, and I was right. I assumed it would be something from the Pan Oceana line, but this Hac Tao from the Yu Jing line is nearly perfect. I might make some minor modifications here or there, but all it really needs is a spiffy silver and red paint job. And I think even I can live up to that!


Gotthammer said...

The different ranges all work surprisingly well together - I guess that reflects a good unity in design there.
I'd considered the Hac Tao for Vega actually, but he didn't look to have the stature Vega needs. Still, a great choice for a BroShep and should look pretty neat in the colour scheme.

Helmeted or helmetless?

CounterFett said...

Helmeted. I actually prefer Shep Helmetless for the most part, especialy the last cutscene with Liara on Earth ;). But for me the Blood Dragon armor is always helmeted. I need to see if I can change that with the dialogue helmet menu.

Additionally, I cannot think of a good source for a shep-esque head. I have some bald Space Marine heads that might work with a little modding.

Gotthammer said...

The problem with GW heads (or perhaps Infinity minis) is that they are different proportions. Most companies, even Reaper and the like, seem to have giant heads compared to Infinity peeps.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, and it was a termie head to boot, so it would be super big, but I figure it would give me something to start from.

BlackWhisper said...

Wow thank goodness, I am not the only one who wanted to do mass effect miniatures! You had the same Idea I did. I am trying to make a list of mass effect miniatures on my blog