Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Miniatures. Liara & Garrus

Well, as I said, I am listing these in order of perceived difficulty to me. Garrus is hard because no matter what base figure you use, you are going to need to do some converting. And Liara is difficult because she seems so simple in concept that I won't accept anything but a very good final result.

Since I know I am going to be doing a bunch of converting on Garrus, and will likely be unhappy with my first go at it, I figured I would go with the easy to convert and cheap to replace Halo Action Clix Elite. This is a fairly apt choice when you look at it from a certain perspective. Much of the armor, physiology, and posing of an elite matches Turians pretty closely. It's a soft plastic, pre-painted miniature, so cutting, gluing, and pasting should be a snap. The only problem is that I will have to scratch build a head, but that's true no matter what mini I choose for a base.
Liara was the one figure that I was planning on using the same base miniature as Gotthammer, the Aleph Sophotect. That figure just works well, and he got good results from it. It was out of stock when I made my order, however, so I ended up getting my second string choice, the Odalisque. This is the figure Gotthammer used (with relatively heavy converting) to make Tali. I'm not really thrilled with the pose for everyone's favorite Asari, but between this and my Hassassin Fiday, I figure I should have enough parts to make a decent Liara and Tali. Even if this combination of parts works, I still need to sculpt an Asari noggin, so I might actually put Liara off until I feel like I can do her justice. This is counter to me actually wanting to make her first cuz she's the coolest!


Gotthammer said...

The advantage of sculpting Liara's noggin is that you can keep the face if you find a suitable one and just have to do the hair tentacles.

With the Odalisque you will have to do some work to remove the hair at the back cleanly.

Great thinking on Garrus with the Halo figs - might look in to getting some to play as Turian mercs.

CounterFett said...

With how good your Garrus noggin looks, turning a few of those elites into C-Sec or Blue Suns would be a snap. The only things I think that will really need to be changed is the head and (maybe) the direction the knees face. I believe the fingers and toes are already set, though I would want to check.

I am considering cutting up another to make Tali's hands and feet as well, though I'll see if they match before I get to cutting at it.