Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sick At Work. Weekly Update.

Sort of combining to of my older recurring posts. I am not feeling well today. This happens sometimes. My wife thought I should stay home, but I am one of those people who would rather spend the time off doing something fun. If I am going to be uncomfortable and miserable, I might as well be at the office, right?

So here I am. This does give me a bit of thinking time with what I want to get done with the remainder of my week, as well as the approaching weekend.
  1. Get my Xbox 360 online. I really want to get my Xbox hooked up so I can play online. I don't think I have the wireless thingie needed, so I am going to pick one up today. I really want to get the Mass Effect 3 DLC that is already out, as well as be ready for any forthcoming stuff (rumors about 'The Truth' are becoming more solid). I also need to find other people online who are willing to play with me, since I don't like playing with Randoms. It's the reason I don't play online much.
  2. Get ready for painting season. I call the gloomy and wet Winter months here 'Toy & Game Season.' The Northern Hemisphere is entering spring in fact as well as name soon, and I want to start basecoating some stuff as soon as I get a dry spell.
  3. Orders. I have a Warstore order that finally got shipped. It took them a week to send it off. Apparently I had a backorder. They did not tell me this at the time of the order, so I am a little miffed, but since I would not have been able to do much with them thusfar anyway, I guess I can't be too upset.
  4. Marauder Gunrunners reviews. Yeah, that order came a while back, but I never posted anything like I said I would. Expect to see some of that in a little bit.
  5. Examiner. ME3 has sort of knocked Halo out of the Counterfett consciousness for a minute, so I have been lax about posting the the Examiner. I need to get back on that. I was planning on Tue-Thurs-Sat schedule, but I missed last night because I felt beat. Mayhap I will post something tonight.
So you see, folks, big plans at Chez Counterfett. I feel like I have been pretty good in the past about delivering on the things I put in these posts, so hopefully this time I come through as well.

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The Happy Whisk said...

Of course I am going to side with your wife.

Happy almost weekend and feel better soon.

PS: Listen to your wife.