Sunday, March 4, 2012

Taking A Trip Down The Time Tunnel; Or, Strange Toy Show Happenings I Can't Account For.

The Time Tunnel Toy Show is happening at the San Jose fairgrounds next weekend. As sad as it makes me, I don't think I am going this time. It's more of a bummer than just missing the toy show, since freaking BILLY DEE WILLIAMS is going to be there this time! At least I know that means it's going to be successful enough there will be a next one. See, that's something I always worry about when I miss an infrequent event I am fond of.

Last time we went, we recorded an episode of the Articulated Monster. And since I am all reminded of that, there was a cool story about something that happened there that got lost on the original episode, and we forgot to recap in the next one...

When I was a kid, I was really into GI Joe. Pretty much to the exclusion of any other toy line. Oh, I had a few things, like some battle beasts, a few terminator toys, stuff like that. But it was always all about GI Joe.

While we were at Time TUnnel, at one of the booths, Mario and I came across a bin of very cheaply marked loose '80s era Joes. He was looking through them, and found a few obscure ones in good condition. I was not really even paying attention.

I just heard him say: "This is kind of a cool one, too bad some kid drew blood on it with a red Sharpie."

I turned around, and Lo and Behold! It was one of MINE! Like the actual Crankshaft and Rock & Roll I possessed as a child. See, I drew blood on some of my more obscure Joes with a marker to act as casualties to make my living room a more realistic battlefield.

And there you have it folks, the weirdest thing that happened to me at Time Tunnel. Oddly, I didn't even buy them, because I had an armload of stuff I thought was more important to get. That's how cool this show is.


jboypacman said...

That is a awesome story.

paws4thot said...

This is the single most awesome story I've heard in the last month, and I was at a Science Fiction convention last week, so the bar's pretty high.