Monday, March 12, 2012

Upcoming Review Series: The Panel Of Judges

Since I recently made a moderate order of aftermarket accessories from a very friendly webstore, I decided that instead of just reviewing them, I would give them a mock panel of three judges. I don't know why I picked three, it's not like there is some sort of TV show which has to do with a panel of three judges critiquing things or something like that.
Anyway, I wanted to introduce the judges, as well as why I picked them. I'll go from left, but I think you all should be able to figure this out.

Tunnel Rat. Because I like the toy, and he's an infiltration and ordnance expert. And because he is a 3.75" figure, for which these accessories were ostensibly made.

Jun A-266. Noble Three I am going to include because he represents the small end of the new Halo Reach 6" scale. Plus, he's the team's sniper, and an all-around gunny kind of guy.

John-117. Master Chief needs a weapon. Those of you who have been followers for a long time may remember when Master Chief was the blog's "mascot" and made frequent comedic appearances. It just felt wrong to leave him out. Plus, most of the time, he carries a "Rise Of Cobra" Viper Pulse rifle, since those were stupidly too big for the movie figures.

And that's the panel, folks! I think I will weight the results in favor of how the accessories work with Tunnel Rat, since it does not seem fair to expect them to work well with the larger scales.

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