Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Voidcorp Renegade Takes Up The Blog!

Annoying co-workers...they happen.
I sometimes imply here on all things fett that I am the only Voidcorp employee with a soul. This is just not true! While the vast majority of my interstellar slaver's...erm, employer's staff are in fact mindless automatons, there are a few bright useful people to be found here.

One of them has started a humor blog, which he updates a few times a week. You have to bear with him in terms of his writing style, but it's worth a check if, like us, you have to deal with absolute idiots in the workplace.

The blog is called makenancyjerrystop , yeah, one word. He's only done about a week of posting so far, but hopefully he keeps this one going.

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