Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beginning Of The Hobby Season: Or, Content Approaching!

I was trying to find a logo like major league baseball, but for painting, and this was the closest I got.
Well, the weather is finally beginning to turn. I was going to call it earlier this week, but there was a freak thunderstorm which dumped a ton of rain and lightning on my hometown (and apparently nowhere else!) on Thursday.

Anyway, the 2012 painting season has officially begun for me. It's been a good long time since I have really put any good work out. I think the last thing I did in terms of painting was the Dust Tactics Recon Boys. For modding it's potentially been even longer.

For customizing I am going to try and start with Tali, in my Infinity --> Mass Effect project. For painting I am going to stat the Blood Dragon Shepard and Cerberus Troopers (I am using EM4 Space Rangers for that, remember?).

Look forward to seeing some work on this front soon.

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