Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day One Of Star Wars Fighter Pods

S I picked this up a bit ago to maybe use for smaller scale war gaming (I was thinking like 15mm, but I didn't want to paint for it). They have been living at my office for a while, and I finally decided to bring them home. So, I think I will post them in order of ascending awesomeness.
So, sadly, Day One is the least important of the four planned days. On the other hand, he is a clone pilot, which is not too bad. I can use him for a generic Republic/Empire goon for the planned mini games. This is a funny figure to me, as it looks like they started from the same generic sculpt to make many of the Clone Trooper figures. You will see this general pose again at least once, and maybe more if I continue on with this series.

That said, I do kind of like this figure. It's not dripping with detail, but it gets the point across, and is fairly cute. It's sort of the flip side of the coin from the miniatures I am used to dealing with, which are very detailed. Sorry about the photo in this one, I had to  turn the brightness way down and the contrast way up to even make this viewable. The subsequent pics in this line are better.


Dan said...

I like these little dudes, even though its just another another attempt at having to recollect all the star wars guys again. Like the consistency of the plastic too.

CounterFett said...

They remind me a little of M.U.S.C.L.E.S. from back in the day, just a little smaller, and painted.

I got another pack of them today, so there are going to be at least 8 days of Fighter Pods.

jboypacman said...

I kind like this little guy too.