Monday, April 9, 2012

I Got Sold...To Cerberus?

So I came in today to discover that my little slice of Corporate
Nirvana has now been effectively sold to another holding company.
Realistically, this means next to nothing, and will probably be
business as usual when the transition happens in the next few months.

The biggest change, for me, will of course be that I can no longer
refer to my faceless corporate overlords as Voidcorp, since that was a
fairly specific obscure reference. Now, however, I can make Cerberus
jokes. In Mass Effect 3, which I have been playing a ton of, Cerberus
is an evil terrorist organization which works with the Reapers. In
Greek Mythology, it's a 3 headed dog that guards hell. Either is an
appropriate metaphor.


Anonymous said...

Hey the evil corporation I work for has one of their "infallible servers" named after a vengeful Egyptian goddess (ISIS). Just guess how many time ISIS has crashed and taken everything with it when we need it most...

Mik said...

The quiet, private little company I spent ten years with sold its soul to a mega-corp. Everything changed; no more company "picnics" to Hawaii and no more all-you-drink Amex cards at the bar for "team building". I'm sure it looked good on paper, just not for us in the trenches!