Monday, April 2, 2012

Infinity Army Builder, And A Commentary On The Cost Of Gaming

Yeah, so I'm still on my Infinity kick, in those moments when I'm not playing Mass Effect 3. One of the very best things about Infinity, of course, is all of the cool free resources that can be found on the Infinity site. Just check out the free online army list generator! I have heard mention from many folks whose opinions I respect that the minis are too expensive, and I hear that. You all know how cheap I am. However, I am able to look past the individual miniature price to look at the overall cost of the game.

With how much stuff is required to play 40k, most of which is sold seperately, the total cost is more than just the minis. We all know this. So why do we overlook it when we talk about other games? For 40k, at the minimum, you NEED the rulebook, your army's codex, all of the army's miniatures, special dice, templates for all of your special weapons. Depending on the point level you play, this can add up to some serious discretionary spending.

Compare this to Infinity. You can download the rules for free (without shady copyright violation, as with some folks who download GW stuff). The army builder resource allows you to create an army list so you can buy just the minis you need. The individual character miniature cost is high, but compare 1-to-1 with a Citadel Finecast. As with any tabletop game, creating your army list to carefully maximize the use of the 'troop packs' and you can come away cheaper. That said, my proclivity for smaller, lower model count 'elite' armies can also save some coin.

As always, I appreciate any thoughts or feedback.


Ben said...

I'm also getting into Infinity for simular reason to the ones up have posted. As for cost my 300pts Infinity army will be setting me back around £47, I think thats a very good return on what is the average sizes infinity game.


CounterFett said...

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. I need to crunch the numbers, but I think mine came in even cheaper. I think L47 (sorry my keyboard here can't do pounds) comes to around $75 US?

I've spent more than that just doing the elites slot for my Space Marines. Terminators ain't cheap.

AoM said...

1:1 Infinity vs. Finecast actually sees Infinity coming out cheaper.