Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Karl Franz On DeathClaw: Not Quite Preorder Review

Ok, let's just open by saying, that I am very disappointed. Perhaps it was unrealistic, but I was really hoping that this was going to be an armored knight riding piggy back on a deathclaw. You know, the ones from Fallout that look like a miniature of the Rancor from Jabba's palace?

That said, it is a fairly interesting piece. My only real problem, after the initial let down, was that there is simply too much going on here to take in. I can barely even see the guy riding that tiger/eagle thing. I guess they're calling it a deathclaw, though I don't know if there is a classical name for something like that. I know there were names for pretty much every possible permutation of eagle/horse, though I don't know about tigers. Maybe an Eagliger? I think that's what I am going to go with here.

Final verdict? I'm not a fantasy player. Like at all. It's a neat model, but I just think it's a little too busy.


Ubberdorc said...

It is a Griffin or Gryphon depends on where you are from. I like this version- big improvement on the old one. You are right though, there is almost too much going on. I do think I will buy one though.

Anonymous said...

Deathclaw is the name of the Emperor's personal griffon. The kit also has variants for "General on griffon" and "Wizard on two-headed griffon".

paws4thot said...

A griffin is historically (mythologically?) (heraldically?) an eagle/lion mashup though.