Friday, April 6, 2012

Life Lessons From Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Well, I am officially pretty good at ME3 multiplayer at this point. No doubt, like Terraria, now that I know what I am doing, they'll change it, but for the moment I am good. I have been part of good teams, I have been part of bad teams, I have won and I have lost. I have had easy times, I have had hard times. But mostly it's been fun.

There's a lot you can take out of learning to play a multiplayer co-op like ME3.
  1. Stay together. Whether multiplayer, Christmas shopping, or fleeing a zombie horde, you stand a better chance of prevailing if you stay with your team. Hang together or hang seperately.
  2. Concentrate. AFK is just as annoying in real life as it is in the game. You just make it harder for everyone else if you don't do your part.
  3. Get the job done. Objectives are important. If you kill a lot of monsters but don't get what you came for, you still lose.
  4. Have your buddies' back. When someone's down, pick them up! They'll try to do the same for you.
  5. Watch your mouth. Seriously, this one annoys me. If you'r going to be on a mic, keep it clean. You don't know who is going to have kids around.
These are pretty basic, but I win more matches than I lose, and I am placing higher and playing harder difficulties. I'm not all that good, but adhering to these pretty basic tenets gives the best odds for Extraction.


Mik said...

With all the Halo I used to play and apparently now multi-player ME3 we should get together. Here's my thoughts...on your thoughts.

1. Stay together, unless you're the XP-hogging Vanguard flying off all over the map kill-stealing. Then all bets are off, see below.

2. AFK is so annoying. Don't log into a game just to sit there and do nothing. That's a good way to prevent 'full extraction' bonuses too. And don't take too long between games either.

3. Objectives are everything. Just because three players are downloading data doesn't give you free reign to run around and kill things. Time bonuses matter too.

4. Always have your buddy's back. Unless they're a rampaging Krogan or a Vanguard jumping straight into two brutes and a banshee. They better carry medi-gels!

5. As for the mic, something I did a long time ago is "mute the masses". I don't even want to bother with chuckleheads. What I will do is an XBox private party chat and then just play the game that way.

My gamertag is cygnus46, I won't harass you, I swear, haha.

CounterFett said...

Krogan don't bug me much, because they at least have to run there and do the windup. They usually don't go anywhere I can't get to (I call myself the team medic, I am always reviving fools). That's my impression so far, anyway.

Vanguards, however...

I'll see if I can add you tonight. Because I had to make a new profile to get online, I have 0 friends. Lol. My screen name, amazingly, is CounterFett.