Friday, April 13, 2012

The Quest For Solo Gaming Part II

Spacejacker over at Tiny Solitary Soldiers turned me on to these. He did a few reviews of them some time back and seemed pretty enthused about it, in particular the scenarios which involved solo play. So, I figured I would try it out.

Anyone else have any experience with this system? any feelings one way or the other? It's pretty inexpensive, and I have enough e-Cash in the old paypal account to just get it done and buy the darn things, but then again, there are lots of other things I could spend my soft earned fake money on.

I do like the idea of the system being diceless, since dice rolling seems superfluous when gaming by myself, and also the enforced randomness of a card driven system. This is sort of what I liked about Death Angel by FFG.


Mik said...

I really like Combat Cards. The rules are simple enough to get into gaming quickly, but complex enough to make it meaningful. The card system is pretty neat, but you do need a wide range of the units available to make get their fullest potential. Plus, any system you can use whatever figs are laying around is always a plus.

I did a fair number of Combat Card writeups not too long ago. Make sure to read the comments because I did get some of the rules wrong.

CounterFett said...

Thanks Mik! I'll check it out!