Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Quest For Solo Wargames Continues...

Well folks, I posted a few times a while back about how I wanted a miniature wargame that I could play solo (for when the kids aren't around or are in bed). I can't always count on Bunny Fett being around to thrash me. I even came up with a table for enemy reactions as a quick & dirty guide for using existing wargame rules by myself. It works ok, so some extent, but what I really want is a system actually built around this style of play.

I have heard that 4140 Star Army works well for this sort of thing, but it is a bit spendy for my taste. $20 for a download? Really? On the other hand, if it comes down to getting something good, that works, versus spending less repeatedly to try and find something that works, I might be down for it.

So what other options are out there right now, and are they worth it?


Porky said...

You might find something at this blog, assuming you haven't looked there already. There are some lists under the top tabs too.

sonsoftaurus said...

The old Ambush board games were designed around solo play. Perhaps something based on that system could work?

I think this question could also benefit from a step back - you want a solo mini system, but what kind of experience do you want out of that system? A fun, wild survival game? A tense bug hunt? A challenging clash of armies on the field of battle? No use in finding or coming up with a great system if you have no desire to actually play it.

CounterFett said...

You raise a good question there, SoT. I think I have found the answer in the more recent post above in Combat Cards.

The goal was something easy to learn, cheap (or free), useable in any scale, and with any minis.

Combat Cards is those things (though not, sadly, free) as best I can tell, and suitable for a few different styles of play based upon scenarios chosen.

I was hoping for diceless, which is a another plus for CC.

The problem is that, being me, I won't know if I like it for sure until I try it. Just hopefully people telling me some good and bad ideas will narrow it down.