Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stuff I really Want: Mass Effect Toys

I really want these, and I wish they would come off of pre-order status already.

These are the toys I was talking about in Episode 31 of the Articulated Monster Podcast, and they are STILL in preorder pretty much everywhere. I want Garrus and Tali, though I am warming up to the idea of Legion as well, now that I finally got the Geth Engineer in multiplayer.


Mik said...

I too want these, all of them, they're just too cool to pass up.

As for multiplayer, I finally managed a Geth Engineer class witht he Resurgence weekend pack, then got lucky with a special spectre with a Geth Infiltrator and another Geth Engineer mega-xp card.

That's it though, I still don't have a lot of the characters from the first wave in the game.

CounterFett said...

I have everything except the asari adept (the original, not the justicar), the Batarian Soldier, and the Krogan Vanguard.

I don't really play Vanguard at all, so no bigge there, but I do want the Adept.

I seem to be getting a ton of the Geth Plasma SMG, for some reason.