Sunday, April 29, 2012

Unwavering: Beating Mass Effect 3 Multi On Gold

Yeah I did it. And in the Immortal words of Egg from 'Big Trouble in Little China', it "Wasn't Easy."

Counterfett's tips for surviving Gold:
  • LEVEL: Be level 20. I did it with an 18, but see Egg quote above.
  • Infiltrator. I used an Engineer, but the whole rest of my team was Infiltrators. It seemed to make life easier for them.
  • Equipment. I only use Equipment on Bronze or Silver Difficulty when I'm playing a new character (live level 1-5), so I had a goodly stockpile of ammo, armor, and weapon powerups.
  • Keep your powder dry. Likewise, having plenty of missiles, medpacks, and ammopacks. Don't use them in the early rounds unless you really need to. No matter how bad it seems when you run up against an Atlas and Phantom in round three, keep in mind that it will seem worse when you have a run in with five or six of each on round nine.
All I have to say is that this commendation pack better be sweet.


Mik said...

I haven't touched ME3 in about a week, but congrats to your gold completion!

Mik said...
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Dawfydd said...

Totally agree. Completed my fist Gold mission this weekend with a lvl 20 engineer and my word was it hard!
Felt great afterwoulds though :)

CounterFett said...

My wife always watches when I play, and there was a great moment when I was fighting 4 phantoms.

Wife: "Run!"

Me: "I am running!"

Wife: "Run Faster!"

Me: "There's only one run speed!"

When the extraction was done, we both decided that I was never playing Gold again. I'm good enough (assuming the team is with it), it's just a lot more stressful than I prefer my relaxation activities.