Sunday, May 6, 2012

Battleship Kre-O Sets Spotted In The Wild

So a month or so back, I admitted that I was kind of looking forward to seeing Battleship, the movie. Then today I was at Target, and was taken completely by surprise upon finding some Battleship Kre-O sets. There were actually some pretty interesting ones, but the one I nearly broke down and bought was this army builder pack.

It comes with 'Army Attacker, Stealth Soldier, Colonel Beret, and Alien Sniper.' RAD. I love the naming convention, and the fact that Colonel Beret is not only wearing a beret, but an eyepatch. This might put him on a level of cool not seen in minifigures since Beardy McEyepatch from the LEGO Atlantis sets.

The naval style quick firing anti-aircraft cannon are pretty sweet too. And I think I actually like the Kre-O style fragmentation grenades better than those included with the Halo Bloks sets.

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