Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Birthday Swag! Clone Wars Paper Models

Another sweet birthday present from my mom was this book of Star Wars paper models. I have not really gotten much into what is actually included in the book, but I expect you will be getting some reports as I start doing this.

Just from looking at the cover, it looks like there are three models at three difficulty levels, including a phase I clone helmet, R2-D2, and an AT-TE. Depending on scale, that last model might work pretty well for some tabletop action.

That pretty much wraps up my birthday loot, which is sad, since I think this is only the second post, but I also got a jigsaw (which will be featuring in a future project ...wink wink), and a pile of cash. I do love cash.

Look forward to hearing more about all of these forthcoming projects!

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