Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sci-Rifle Countdown: Day 10!

Good morning folks, Counterfett here. Those of you who know me will have realized that I was feeling a bit funky over the past few days. I suspect this was because I worked too hard and was out in the sun too long working on the fence on Saturday, and weakened my otherwise nuclear-fueled impervious immune system. In any event, after staying up way too late playing Mass Effect 2 last night, I ironically feel much better. I have seemed to have lost my voice, which should make phone time an adventure today.

#10: The Morita

Another reader suggestion here, the Morita hails from Starship Troopers. Despite the good amount of Science Fiction I have read in my lifetime, I never read Starship Troopers. I did see the movie, which was pretty much reviled by everyone. I sort of liked it, though that might have been linked to seeing it in high school and the high amount of female nudity involved.

In any event, the image of the Morita that most people carry in their heads, right or wrong, does come from the movie. Along with many other movie guns we have covered here, I think they did o.k. It looks menacing, high tech (at least it did in the '90s anyway), and is a pretty slick prop build. It seemed moderately effective against the bugs in the movie, though I have been told it pales in comparison to the book version. Seemed to get the job done in the flick, the only problem being that the bugs had more bodies to throw at the mobile infantry than the MI had bullets to throw back.

Superiority, baby.


Anonymous said...

GO READ the book. Now!

paws4thot said...

Seconded, make that stongly seconded.

I've never known anyone who plays SF wargames not enjoy the book.

Mike Howell said...

^^ What they said. ^^
The movie is like a Monty Python sketch version of the book.

Anonymous said...

Must admit, I love the movie, and its interpretation of the themes and characters of the book (Dizzy, Kitten...). Yes, the lack of powered armour was disappointing, but we got the Morita, and the bugs were awesome! The only things I wasn't so keen on were the large amounts of squished cockroaches ( poor, cute little buggers), and the fact that, based on the book Rico should have kicked Zander's butt... The book is a strange animal, part conceptual scifi (an exploration of a future society) and part macho action yarn. Worth a read (and I do really like the book!) but for my money The Forever War is a bit more of a human look at some of the concepts explored.

FirBholg said...

^ That'd be me, being all anonymous-like (must pay more attention...).