Monday, May 21, 2012

Sci-Rifle Countdown: Day 11!

Welcome back to the work week, ladies and gentlemen! Counterfett here, bringing you your next installment of the Sci-Rifle countdown. I realized yesterday that I have to stop making fun of this countdown, since it is the most successful string of articles I have put out this year. Thanks for that guys! Hopefully the parts to come will be as god as the parts that have past. This has its own label as well, so if you missed a day, hit 'Sci-rifle Countdown' in the labels at the bottom of the post.

Day 11: M8 Avenger

Despite having played the first Mass Effect when it came out, I consider myself a recent convert to Mass Effect Fandom, not having been a big fan of the universe or being deeply involved until the launch of Mass Effect 3. Nevertheless, the iconic rifle of Commander Shepard still has to place fairly high.

In all iterations of the game, the strange tuning fork Avenger has been a well balanced, middle of the road choice for a character able to use it. In Mass Effect 3, however, with all classes able to use it right from the beginning of the game, the light, accurate, powerful, and fully automatic Avenger becomes something of an 'ace in the hole.' Light enough to not impact power usage much, and rapid firing and accurate to be used at all ranges, it makes a great 'single' weapon for classes which need to travel light.

Update: I just realized that this is my 1400th post! How appropriate that it be an iconic rifle in one of my countdowns!


Mik said...

This design has always been a weird one, but it's a solid in-game weapon for sure.

Anonymous said...

When I first played ME1, I always thought it had 2 barrels both firing in sequence,:) and like Zaeed; I love this sh_tty old rifle.