Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sci-Rifle Countdown: Day 8!

Ok folks, we're really on the home stretch now. Counterfett here, and these post a day countdowns must be getting easier, because this one has been a heck of a lot less trouble than those in the past. It is getting a little tricky these days, as narrowing down which entry I want to post on a given day gets harder as we near the finale and I grow indecisive about which entry should hold the top slot.

#8: BR-55 Battle Rifle

Making it's debut in Halo 2, the Battle Rifle fills a niche many of us wished would be filled by the Assault Rifle in Halo: Combat Evolved; that of a rifle. Finally, with the BR, all of us who wished for a rifle truly worthy of the name got something fired from the shouloder that actually hit like it meant it. Firing in three-round bursts, doing good damage, and capable of catastrophic headshots, the BR really got the hob done.

That it mostly looked cool doing it was a bonus.

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Mik said...

Lots of headshot goodness thanks to this excellent rifle.