Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sci-Rifle Countdown: Day 9!

Happy Odin's Day everyone! In what I like to call my mid week affirmation of the Viking Pantheon (Humpday), we have another installment of the Sci-Rifle countdown. I have actually not been spending a ton of time online in the past few days, so I guess it is good that this countdown has kept me posting, otherwise there might have been some missed days. In any event, as I say a lot, on with the show!

Day 9: Republic Commando DC-17m

Republic Commando was a great game. Despite being what many reviewers panned as a re-skin of Halo, the game had a ton of features, like commandable squad members, which would see heavy use in subsequent, more successful games. It had a great story, a good combat system, and one of the neatest guns in Science Fiction; the modular DC-17m blaster rifle.

Created for the high risk missions of the Republic Commandos, the DC-17m packs a punch, is relaible, and incredibly versatile. In addition to its rate of fire, which is reminiscent of some gatling style machine guns, the modular DC 17m has a few extra surprises.

Like an anti-tank module for scrapping those heavy droids.

Or a sniper module, for when you really want to reach out and touch someone.

I mostly used the rifle module, and let Sev and Scorch do my sniping or tank busting (respectively). Why is there no Republic Commando 2?

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TheStarkLord said...

Man i loves this game! Its like my number two stars wars game after xvt. Totally shouldve made a sequel.
Def a good choice for the count down.
great so far keep up the good work.

Im gonna go reinstall this dern game and go play it again.