Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sci-Rifle Countdown: Number 20!

Good morning folks, and welcome to Counterfett's Sci-Rifle top twenty! I was thinking of calling it Scifle, but that sounds too much like Psyfle- as in psyfleman, which is way too much of a heavy weapon connotation. First; some ground rules. These are the ones that I came up with, including all of the suggestions that I was given to boot. I am basing this on what I think is, 'more awesome.' There is no real qualitative way to determine which of a set of fictional items is better at a given task, since, again, they are fiction. If you don't agree with my countdown, make your own. Heck, let me know and I'll link to it!

Anyway, on with #20!

#20: Imperial Guard Lasgun
The Imperial Guard Lasgun, while often derided as a weapon shaped night-light, is in fact one of the most important developments in personal weaponry in its fictional universe. Light, safe, and effective personal laser weaponry that is easy to maintain, and cheap to load. As to effectiveness, since said laser has even a chance of killing a Space Marine in terminator armor, I would say they are very effective indeed.

Best deployed in large numbers, which is why they give them to the IMperial Guard.


Dawfydd said...

Ah, the humble lasgun. So easily dismissed in a universe where other armies main infantry gun ranges from monofilament shuriken-throwers, plasma pulse rifles, a weapon that *&^'s flesh-eating beetles, molecular disruptors and, of course, a rifle that fires hi-ex micro-rockets, it's easy to forget that the most common weapon of the 41st millennium is a freaking laser!

WQRobb said...

1 in 3 chance of killing a space marine, who according to the fluff in a centuries-old genetically and surgically altered avatar of war.

Mik said...

Stick the lasgun in a game of 5150 or what-not against adeptus "power armored super troopers" and it will no its place in the "I can't even dent this guy" department.

Love #20's entry, the Catachan carbine was always my favorite, here's to the next nineteen!

Student Teacher said...

The thing I always find cool about the lasgun is the fact that if your magazine is empty, you can toss it in the fire to recharge it!