Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sci-Rifle Countdown: Part 1!

That's right folks, it's Go Time! I come into the last installment of this project with mixed feelings. On the one hand I am happy, because it has been a fair bit of work getting these all prepped, typed and formatted, and it will be nice to get back to my easier posts. On the other hand I am sad it has to end, because it has been a very successful project in terms of traffic, input and fun. So, with no further ado, on to number 1!

#1: E-11 Blaster Rifle

From the moment the Stormtroopers torched their way through the doors of the Tantive IV, or the hands of Snow Troopers braving the icy wastes of Hoth, the venerable E-11 has held a special place in the hearts of many. Compact, powerful and (relatively) accurate, this is the gun with which Stormtroopers took apart a sandcrawler full of Jawas with such precision that a Jedi found it noteworthy. Now think about it: a sandcrawler is a very large Tank!

Built off of the WWII era British Sterling sub-machine gun, the E-11 is in fact a blaster rifle, not a carbine or heavy pistol, as I initially thought. All of the material in the expanded universe is insistent that not only is it a full powered combat rifle, it is in fact the best one that credits can buy!

The Emperor's finest deserve only the best, after all.


Venerable Brother said...

A worthy finish indeed..
Good call.
A magnificent series..well done sir.

TheStarkLord said...

Should have seen this coming. Good pick. Overall this was a great list

Danthulhu said...

Awesome countdown, nice to see my top two sci-fi rifles are the top two entries!

Anonymous said...

The only drawback to this rifle is it seems to be inaccurate when firing at Jedi. :P Nice series!

Mik said...

In recognition of the Lucas-spawned franchise, I am going to to a super-deluxe, special-whammo director's omni-edit...making the M41A the #1 sci-rifle of all time!

Kudos on another nice series of top thingies!

WQRobb said...

I knew it!

FirBholg said...

*cue face-palm* Didn't cross my mind at all. Good call, got to be the most well known scifi rifle of all :)