Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sci-Rifle Countdown: Part 15!

Good evening folks, CounterFett here again with another installment of the Sci-Rifle countdown. Today's entry might be a bit controversial, seeing as how it comes from a novel, has no official illustration, and is something of a 'fringe' area of science fiction.

#15: S.I.R.

The 'Standard Infantry Rifle' of Max Brooks' World War Z novel was the first assault rifle built by the United States after the 'survival' phase of the Zombie outbreak, and was used to replace the M-16 and M-249, weapons not particularly suited to fighting a Zombie horde.

Using concepts from the AK-47, M-16, and FAL, it was a wood stocked, semi-automatic rifle designed for rapid, accurate fire, and to be utterly reliable.


Mik said...

Did you see the episode of Sons of Guns with Max Brooks? If not I'll say nothing more as not to spoil it, but basically he designed and they built a full-working anti-zombie gun.

I've said too much.

Fuzzbuket said...

just to make you jelly i got to wander round glasgow when they had it all done up for filming, and i know a few of the zombies :D