Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sci-Rifle Countdown: Part 5

Hey all, back on track after the no post friday fiasco and yesterday's double post catch up. Still and all, I think it's not really one of these events until I have to do a catchup day for one reason or another. Today marks the entry into the top 5, and sadly the last of the video game entries. Although, techinically, several of the top 4 also are in video games, it's not their primary...well, you get the drift.

#5: Lancer / Retro Lancer

Despite never having played a moment of any Gears of War game, I have always liked the idea of the Lancer. A giant machine gun with a chainsaw for a bayonet? Yes please! Developed because the preceding generation of Lancer (known affectionately as the Retro Lancer) was less effective in the hands of average soldiers against the tough hides of the Locust swarms, the roaring Lance has ended a great number of bizarre video game enemies.
For simplicity's sake, I decided to include the Retro Lancer in the same entry, since, basically, the only difference is it has a blade rather than a chainsaw. As I said, in the hands of most troopers, less effective, but when used by the elite Delta Squad, the Retro still takes names. I've, for some reason, always thought the retro looked more stylish. I like it enough in fact that it's in the logo!

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