Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sci-Rifle Countdown Part 6!

Hey all folks, Counterfett here with the second of today's installments in the sci-rifle countdown (laziness edition). Hopefully you are all having as good of a weekend as I am, since this is a glorious four day weekend for me. Just...awesome. Anyway, to number 6!

#6: Phaeston

Phaeston to's like Mace to Face, but with bullets.
There are so many fun, interesting, and amazing weapons in the Mass Effect setting that it can be a bit overwhelming to pick only a couple for the countdown. While the Phaeston is certainly less iconic of the Universe than the Avenger, it makes up in brutal efficiency what it lacks in renown. Debuting in Mass Effect 3, the Phaeston is a Turian rifle which attempts to Hybridize a true assault rifle and a light machine gun. In game play terms, this places it on a continuum roughly between the Avenger and the much heavier Revenant. But with the right upgrades, it can be so much more; harder hitting than the avenger, but lighter and more accurate than the Revenant.

Truly, a magnificent arm.


Mik said...

...and it was named after the Turian spirit of creation, pretty cool all around.

FirBholg said...

This one really passed me by until I picked it up in multiplayer. In addition to being one of the coolest looking weapons in the game, the whole concept is awesome too.