Friday, May 11, 2012

The Weekly Update: Keepin' It Weekly

Yeah, so, here again we see the downfall of any of my weekly features that I have tried to run in the past. I forget about them. I try to keep the Weekly Update on Wednesday, which seems nice and central, and also starts with 'W' ('Weekly Wednesday' has a nice sound to it). Of course, I am doing it on a Friday, so I'll let you draw your own conculsions.

Nevertheless, there is actually quite a bit going on a Chez Counterfett, and here's just a little bulletpoint list:
  • Painting season, while begun, has not been especially productive. I mostly got the basecoat on those EM4 Space Rangers, and not much else. To be fair, I did build a fence. The weather has been a little uncooperative as well, with unexpected storms and unseasonable cool, cloudy days. Must be all that global warming I keep hearing about, eh wot?
  • Sci-Fi Assault Rifle post a day event. Crap, that's supposed to kick off tomorrow, isn't it? I guess I better finalize the list tonight, and make some sort of artwork for it. Hmmmm. This seemed like such a good idea at the time. Any ideas are welcome!
  • Toy Collecting. Amazingly, despite my announcement of the end of toy season, I have a bit of a backlog to work through on the toy front.
  • Star Wars Fighter Pods. Maybe part of the toy bullet, but since I am planning on using these as minis for solo gaming, I felt they deserved their own posting. I have more of these to work through, and should probably start. I was going to use them as filler posts for days I had nothing better to do, then just forgot to even take the pictures. Well, expect more filler coming your way soon folks!
  • Mass Effect. Still playing a lot of it, despite my general displeasure with EA/Bioware right now. They said yesterday they fixed it. They said this morning they fixed it (after it turned out to not be as fixed as I hoped when I got home yesterday). We shall see.
I think that's it for now folks, expect more and better stuff soon, and thanks for stopping by!

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