Friday, June 1, 2012

6th Edition: Who Wants What?

Ok, well, those 6th edition rumors persisted long enough that they stopped being rumors, and apparently 6th edition is going to be real enough. Sort of like predicting anything in a sequence, it will eventually happen. I have heard people be optimistic for improvements in the new edition, and I have heard doom and gloom about how the next edition will spell the end of gaming as we know it.


In any event, what sort of things do people actually want out of 6th? This is silly, but I would kind of like an advance to the story line. I think 2000 years is a good start. I know that fiction based on static things like game systems is supposed to operate in a vacuum, but come on, there are hundreds of novels at this point, something in the story needs to have changed, if only a little.


TheStarkLord said...

Totally agree. The story should advance a bit already or at least just get more fleshed out. Fifth ed pushed the story a little bit and i think that was well recived so sixth could and should push it a bit more.
Personally i care more about the fluff than the rules (though i do like the rules). They could give us the eame rules or even worse ones and i wouldnt care as long as the story advanced

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

I would like to see the story line advance. Especially, if it causes shifts in the game.

Danthulhu said...

Story line advancing would be good. It seems like a lot of events in the fluff are overlapping without affecting anything.

I'd also like to see the end of all-my-stuff-blasts-your-stuff-then you-go. I've been playing some alternate unit activation games and loving it, players are involved more and units have more effect in game even if its only to move to block LoS.

sonsoftaurus said...

I don't need an advance in the story, personally. it is a big enough galaxy to explore new areas for quite a while and plenty of vague history that could be fleshed out without needing to go to 41K+.

Mik said...

Normally I'm a big story guy, but with 40k I'm thinking big change in the overall design department would be awesome.

Take the "look" of all their armies and really challenge the design, don't come up with a new variant shoulder pad, really go crazy with it and push the boundaries.

Sure, the iconic Space Marine is just that, iconic. After a while though it gets pretty played.