Friday, June 15, 2012

Battle Armor Snake: Play Arts Kai (Part II)

Hey all folks, CounterFett here, with the second installment of our review of the big Play Arts Kai version of Naked Snake in battle armor, as he appears in Metal Gear Peace Walker.

I was honestly not prepared for how great this figure was going to be. I have not done much with quality large scale figures, so the sheer amount of detail and craft which went into this figure is mind blowing to me. My mind was blown!

Anyway, enough of my babbling, on with the photos! Remember, this pics are much larger than what you see, so click for more detail (I have a good camera with macro, so there's plenty to be seen!).
The front view. I'm not quite sure how to use all of the articulation yet, so I figured a very basic pose would be best for the now. Just look at all the detail, though. I like the realistic web gear, and the thought put into where his pouches are for the M60 hoppers.
Facial closeup. A very good likeness. I always thought Big Boss looked like a cross between a young Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris. With an eyepatch. If only you could use that face in Mass Effect!
Another nice touch is his "Militaires Sans Frontieres" patch on the left pauldron. This is a little've heard of "Doctors without borders", right? Well, this is French for Soldiers without borders. Kind of a neat play on word for a mercenary organization.
And on the right pauldron, his old Foxhound patch. I'm not sure how that works...I thought he was out of Foxhound?
I could not find a good shot of this anywhere else, I love the canteens and the rucksack. All the strapping across his back armor is a nice, well thought out addition too.
I took this to show how neat the thigh holster is, and how much thought was put into the design, with the buckles showing and all. When I saw the dents and scratches worked into the armor in the photo, however, I thought that was even more impressive.

Stay tuned for part III folks!

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