Saturday, June 16, 2012

Battle Armor Snake: Play Arts Kai (Part III)

This part could also be called 'Bits and Bobs', since it's just a quick one to showcase the various and sundry stuff that comes with Snake in the package.  Remember to click the pics for a closeup!
First, the Weapons! This made me happy. The online info only ever showed snake with the RPG, but not only did he come with an RPG, but also an M60 (my very favorite machine gun!), and a Smith & Wesson model 39. It has an extended barrel for a suppressor (not included).

The one flaw here is that, as you may be able to tell, mine is missing half of the bipod on the M60. I noticed that was not there before I opened it, and was very careful with unpackaging, as I assumed it would be in the box somewhere, but such was not the case. Sad Panda. But whatever, the low low price I got this for makes it still very worthwhile.
Oh, and he came with a spare head. I don't think I'm ever going to use this, as it does not really say 'Snake' to me, but you never know.
The eyes are a bit disconcerting, however. Umm, is he supposed to have both eyes? I always figured he wore the patch because one was missing or something.

Oh well, until next time gang!

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