Thursday, June 14, 2012

Battle Armor Snake: Play Arts Kai

It's here! It's really here! Ok, so I admit that I got this solely because a friend of mine from work was able to get it for me at flea market pricing, and because I wanted to see if these figures were any good before pre-ordering Garrus Vakarian.

I get it, they are critically reviewed and all by pretty much everyone on the internet, but I wanted to see for myself, since I am the only person who I trust to have a sound opinion on these things.

Let me just say, the reviews and pics don't do this thing justice! It looks amazing! Also, It's bigger than most places say. I have seen sites list it from 8-9.5 inches in height. Well, in the package, with his legs in a fairly wide stance, he's a little over 10 inches. And massive to boot.

This is the battle armor version of Naked Snake (before he was big boss) from the game Peace Walker. I played all of the original games up to MGS, but nothing since, so I don't know a ton of the story about this, but it looks like a redman suit style of armor, except it's supposed to be real armor He comes with a spare head, which looks like it's in a close fitting riot visor helmet, and he comes with spare hands for more posing options.

As for weapons, he comes with an RPG, because why not, but he also comes with an M60. I love M60s. They're fun. He comes with what looks like a S&W M39 (probably the MK.2 silenced version, which is what USN SOG used in 'Nam), which I did not know, since it was in none of the product descriptions or pictures. Also, it looks like this pistol will fit in the holster, which always makes me happy.

Expect further reviewing in the coming days!


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Okay, now get one of the Halo Play Arts Kai figures.