Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Review: Mass Effect Evolution

Well, hey all folks, CounterFett here with another installment of my chronicle of the Mass Effect addiction which seems to be spiraling out of control.

Mass Effect Evolution is a sort of a prequel to Mass Effect 2, which details the rise to prominence of the Illusive Man, the shadowy head of Cerberus. He's sort of an enigma wrapped in a mystery with glowing blue eyes, and sans eggroll. Before there was the Illusive man, however, there was an idealistic mercenary named Jack Harper.

The story takes place in the closing days of the Human-Turian "First Contact" war, as well as immediately after the Council mandated cessation of hostilities. Harper's superior, however, is not thrilled with some aspects of the peace, and sends him on a secret mission to interfere with the Turians' investigation of the Arca Monolith. Warped by his proximity to the artifact, Harper must stop the effects of the Monolith before it destroys Palaven, and then all life in the Galaxy!

It's a fun book, with a lot of nods to people who delve a little into backstory and codex entries from the game. There are also some fun cameos and exposes into characters we thought we had all figured out, such as Saren. Again, this one was a bit short, but a good read nonetheless.
Edit: Sorry for the weird post, guys, Blogger is not agreeing with my browser at work, which should not be causing problems, sionce I wrote this at home last night, but even the 'post draft' function doesn't seem to work here, so I had to revert and send it from my email account.

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