Monday, June 11, 2012

Book Review: Mass Effect Redemption

Mass Effect Redemption is a Dark Horse Comics miniseries which has since been re-released in graphic novel format. I got it because I gathered from the cover that this would be revolving around my favorite ME character: Liara. And boy did Dark Horse ever deliver in this one.

Redemption takes place between the introduction and first real level of Mass Effect 2, and tells the story of Liara's quest to recover Shepard's body from the Shadow Broker before he can deliver it to the Collectors. As such, there is nothing in the way of spoilers I can really spill, which is nice. Suffice to say. Liara pulls it off.

The neat part about this novel is that the writers and authors manage to make Liara fairly three dimensional. I was worried about this, as all of the previous ME fiction I had seen used peripheral characters outside of the main time and storyline of the game, who therefore cannot compromise the games' storyline. But all that is avoided, and one can see Liara's behavior as consistent with however your own play-through transpired.

The internal artwork was fairly consistent and good, which is something I have always liked about Dark Horse. The only bit I was kind of shaky on was how ugly they made the Batarians. I mean, I don't think any view of the Batarians is particularly attractive, but here they are...hideous. Liara's artwork is very good however, even if the likeness is not super strong in some places, you can always tell who is who, even when she is dealing with Aria, which I had thought might pose a problem.

All in all, it is a fun, if short run up to the finale of the events portrayed in the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. It is also a nice bridge between "useless in a fight" Liara from ME and "I'll flay you with my mind" Liara from ME2.

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