Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cheapo Toys For Parts (Part III)

Today we visit the reason I got the second pack of cheapo action figures, the M249 Minimi. In real life the M249 is a light machine gun made by FN, which is used by basically every Western military to some extent. I'm familiar with it because the USA, in particular, uses a metric ton of these things.

I'm not sure why this version has what appears to be a '70s era thermal scope, but whatever. In the above picture, for scale, I have Tunnel Rat's M60 (a much larger in real life firearm than the M249. At top is the much better depiction of an M60 from Marauder Gunrunners. Bottom is the no-name brand, Toys 'R Us M249
It looks close to the right size when held by an Elite Ranger from the Halo Reach 6 inch scale (which is right at about 7 inches tall).
Though it still looks a bit oversized when held by Noble-2, the lovely Kat.

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