Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - Noble Team Part 1

Hey all, Counterfett here. I figured Tuesday morning was the best time for me to start the weekly posting of my computer generated painting by numbers feature.
Carter - Noble One

Again, for those of you who are just joining, what I do is basically take screenshots, then paint over them with a graphical program. I am experimenting with brush size, filters, media, and picture size, so the results and styles are not always consistent.
Kat - Noble Two
I was doing a ton of Mass Effect suff, which is fun because of all the lighting effects (and because it's cool!), but my wife reminded me that some great work could be done with my first love...Halo! So today's lineup consists of the top half of Noble team.
Jun - Noble Three
Of these, I'm not really happy with the way Carter turned out, but I don't like the character enough to re-do it. Kat went through several poses and different shots and styles before I found one that I was happy with and made her look even slightly feminine (and her eyes tend to look derpy). Jun I was happy with on the first try. He lends himself to brooding poses and softening filters I guess.

Remember, you can always see past installments on the Painting with Paint™ page at the top.

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