Thursday, June 21, 2012

Painting with Paint™: Prime, And I Don't Mean Optimus

Yes folks, Counterfett here with another installment of your favorite grown man painting by numbers on his computer. Today, I am highlighting one of my favorite opponents from the last half of both Mass Effect 2 & 3: the Geth Prime!

The above is from a capture of the War Assets screen for the Geth Prime Squad, after you complete the Rannoch: Geth Server mission. And no, the irony of painting a lens flare is not lost on me.
And here it is, the big boy itself from the mission where you have to save Admiral Koris. As an aside, why did BioWare feel the need to reverse the roles of Admirals Gerrel and Koris between 2 & 3? In 2, Gerrel was cool, and Koris deserved to be launched out of an airlock. In 3, the Gerrel is a feminine hygiene product, and the bag it comes in. But I digress. I actually did this one first. I'm not happy with how heavy handed I was on the glare at the top of the thigh plate and foot, or the overly white reflection on the railing to the left.

Stay tuned for more, ladies & gents. I have been working on stuff other than just Mass Effect, I swear!


Mike Howell said...

That's really cool with the lighting.

Hmmmm.... I wonder what could be done with Mario Paint emulated on zsnes....

Mike Howell said...


That flare is a great study in color for light sourcing. Compare what color the light appears to be with the actual color value on the light emitting portion itself.

CounterFett said...

Stills from Mass Effect, with all of its crazy lens flare, should be required viewing for people who paint minis. I know I have learned a lot about lighting from this project. It's sure to help my miniatures when I go back to work on them more.