Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sixth Edition Ho!

Well, it looks like the 6th Edition Monster rears its ugly head once more. I can't say I'm surprised. I just got a handle on how to play the 5th edition without getting corrected too many times in a turn, must be time for the new edition!

Despite what I had been hoping for, it looks like the changes will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. I see a lot of people having a good upset over what rules revelations we see in the other pages of the sneak peak, and I must admit that while I don't share their concerns, I do understand them. Especially Eldar players who are mad they got less Psy powers than the Skittles Marines.
I don't use Psykers (I always forget to use their stupid powers, so the points are better spent on more torrent fire), but I know a big part of what makes playing Eldar special is how they are supposed to be skilled and powerful masters of Psycraft. Being worse at it than a bearded Space Wolf shaman is like saying Einstein could beat R. Lee Ermeigh at arm wrestling!


Mik said...

At last night's gaming table one of the regulars said he might want to get into 40kv6.0, my first response was kind of a shocked, "Really? Why?"

I don't get the 'Skittle Marines' reference admittedly.

CounterFett said...

I call them Skittles marines because of all the bright colors.