Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Super Off Brand Toys For Parts

Or: Outfitting Large Scale Action Figures On The Cheap!

Just look at that PSG-1!

See, since I have Snake on the way, and I am leaning towards a pre-order of Garrus, I wanted a bunch of accessories for that scale of figure. There are actually a few places that sell such things online, but they tend toward the spendy.

That M-249 is as big as they are!

Fortunately, since I am a resourceful and devious sort, I had something already in mind.


You know the type, you see them in dollar stores or the 'no brand' toy aisle at stores like Toys R' Us. I got these two sets for the PSG-1 & M-249 analogues that they come with. I gave the figures to my son, along with some of the other accessories (the stuff in the right scale anyway), and kept the pieces I want.

It came out pretty cheap, and I got some good gear for my Kai figures. I'll have more detailed pics of this stuff soon, with some comparison shots of the individual items.

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