Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekly Update! Changes!

Hey all Counterfett here. Bit of a late post for me for a weekday, anyway. Wanted to get something out here just to let everyone know what I have been up to and to tell you all about some changes to the blog that you might not have noticed (or care about!).

This is a bit of a to-do list as well as changes, so here goes:

  • Removed miniature tower defense page. I basically stopped working on this project several months ago, and I was not going back to it in the foreseeable future, so I removed it. This might hurt my numbers, as it actually got a fair bit of traffic, but I'd rather take the hit than keep people checking back on a dead project.
  • Removed the most exciting online game ever! This was an easier decision, since it was a stupid joke that got made because I was deliriously tired one night, and wanted to make fun of Facebook social games which amount to clicking a button repeatedly.
  • Added Painting with Paint™ page. You can see the link at the top there. I'm going to be putting my image files there after I post them on the site. I am thinking of going back and putting my Lite Brite pictures there too, just because.
  • Sci-'Darm Countdown. I think this is going to be a 30 day countdown through July (with something different on the 4th). I have most of the choices made, and just need to work on the lay out and such. Oh, and I need to rank everything, now that I think of it.
  • Articulated Monster! The podcast has moved to weekly, and records Friday night. If you have questions related to Toys, Toy Collecting, Pop-Culture, or random acts of Geekery, let us know and we can address it in the most popular toy collecting podcast with two Jameses.
  • Painting. Yeah, I need to paint some minis. I miss playing with painted minis. Most of my stuff got sold back in the great disability fund raising purge last year, and the collection has not bounced back. It's hard to motivate myself to basically start over from scratch. I might need to focus on very small model count games for a bit to get myself in gear. Infinity ho!
  • Painting. I suppose I should mention that I'm also doing a slew of images in graphical editing programs. Per common recommendations, I think I am going to be posting this stuff on a weekly basis, and have about half a years (!) worth of material at this point. Give me some input as to what a good title/schedule for this will be, and I'll put a poll up or something to let the viewers decide!
I think that's about it for now folks. Stay tuned for more hijinx.

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