Monday, July 2, 2012

6th Edition: The Impression That I Get

So, 6th edition is out, people have bought it, people have read it, and people have talked about it.
Despite a good bit of naysaying from the internet gaming community at large, and bloggers in particular, it seems like it has generally been pretty well received. I have not heard any major complaints from anyone (who actually read it before complaining, anyway). I have not bought it yet, but I likely will, just because I have enough gamer friends still that not updating runs the chance of leaving me out of quite a few games.
I have seen a few people say that this edition will be sidelining them from tournaments. Must say I have no real idea about that. Is it true?


Thor said...

I've yet to play a game but I do like the rules as I've read them. Should be a good time.

My only guess on the tournament players not bothering is things like random charge ranges. Die-hard tournament players HATE random elements like that.

Anonymous said...

people always complain. If you could play the last edition of FOW with it's crappy charge moves than a few random rolls isn't going to break anything.

Got games in this weekend, not bad. shooting is king, assault is sidelined.

(For those not knowing in the last version of FOW you moved to charge, then if the charge failed you were suppose to move to back where you started.)

WQRobb said...

Honestly, while there are changes, and within the game rules they might seem substantive, as an entire corpus the game is not that different. Same stat lines, same basic rules, same phases, etc. Things like how you allocate wounds might be different, but you're still rolling to hit, rolling to wound, and rolling an armor save. While we all like homeostasis, I would look really questioningly at someone who said, "this, THIS, is what is going to drive me out of 40K!"