Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Painting with Paint™: Kerrigan, and I Don't Mean Nancy

Yeah. Kerrigan from StarCraft is maybe the most loved and hated video game character. She was cool and funny (when I was a teenager, anyway) as a human, but annoying as crap once she turned into a zerg.

Kerrigan's Betrayal at New Gettysburg
Be that as it may, the new (ish) StarCraft II and upcoming 'Heart of the Swarm' expansion have some good cutscenes of her. And I shamelessly grabbed some of those!
Kerrigan as a character presents some interesting dichotomies. She regrets all of the lives she has taken, but continues fighting for what she believes will help humanity. She is unfortunately misled, and betrayed. She is thus a fairly tragic figure, who seems redeemed at the end of 'Wings of Liberty' when turned back human by Raynor.

Not Regret
But, judging from the trailer for 'Heart of the Swarm,' she may not be quite as rehabilitated as old Jimmy had hoped. In the above part of the trailer, at least, we get to see old Sarah in full on 'Devil Goes Down to Georgia' mode.



Mike Howell said...

Very well done!

I have such a fondness for her character. I remember flipping out when the chrysalis hatched in Starcraft 1. I never saw it coming.

CounterFett said...

Thanks Mike!

I feel like she is often overlooked when people discuss excellent and complex characters, simply because she is from an RTS, a genre not know for sterling character development.

But then, I like Nova too, so maybe it's just a thing for girls in bodysuits.