Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - Ladies of Skyrim Edition

Aela the Huntress
So, unless I managed to keep MonDomino going for longer than this, it's possible that Painting with Paint™ is the longest running weekly posting event in the blog's history.

Lydia - Housecarl
In any event, today's installment, as the title suggests, pertains to some of the more popular lady characters from the beloved land of fantasy Vikings and Wyverns (I refuse to call them dragons, they only have two legs!).

Iona - Housecarl
Other than Aela, the remainder of this post pertains to my 'Housecarl' period. Yeah, Lydia is my favorite NPC from this game, but upon her inevitable demise, I find Iona or Jordis to be an acceptable substitute. Iona is basically a redheaded Lydia clone, but a bit more antagonistic. Jordis actually looks different, which is fun.

Jordis the Sword Maiden - Housecarl


SC John said...

I used to have Lydia following me around, but now she just sits at the house waiting for me, and now J'zargo and Verulus follow me.

CounterFett said...

Lydia's always going to be my favorite, but if you keep her along, she WILL get killed due to how the game assigns follower levels.

I replace her with Mjoll the Lioness mid game, since Mjoll is an 'essential' character, and therefore cannot be killed.