Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blogging Suspended For Today

Gentle readers, I have been making a courageous, nay, valiant attempt to get back to my blogging schedule of old, these past few weeks. Hopefully, some of this has been worth reading, and not just me putting stuff op for the sake of putting up stuff.

But not today. I'm really not feeling up to much. Hopefully the next few days I will be getting better and back at it!


GDMNW said...

Morning squire.

I see that you're having a bit of a lull so thought I would venture away from my RSS feed and actually visit.


To thank you for the things you've written of course. The closest I've gotten to liking Halo is watching all of the Red v Blue videos on YouTube. The top 20 Sci-Fi guns on the other hand was inspired.

More! More!

CounterFett said...

Thanks for the kind words!

I had actually forgotten until this morning that I had a follow up for the handguns scheduled for this month.

I think I will be starting that as of the 6th(?) as a top 25 instead of a top 30, since I never had enough for 30 anyway.

So at leas that's one thing I have on the horizon, and those always seem to get my butt back in posting gear.

I'll bust this funk yet!