Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Grunt: Mass Effect 2/3 Action Figure

Well, as promised, I am doing a more in depth review of the figures I got at Toys R' Us the other day (seriously a mere day or so after ordering the others online because I knew I was never going to find these in a store!).

I had heard some pretty terrible stuff about these figures, from bad sculpting and articulation to bad paint applications. I cannot speak for the original release (as these were originally from DC direct I think), but these examples are pretty darn nice. These are larger scale than I am used to, but that aside, are pretty darn cool.

The sculpting is nice and clean, if a bit simple in places, though that seems in line with the aesthetic from the game, and the painting is excellent. The level of articulation is what I think of as DC Direct as well, which is to say, not living up to McFarlanes Halo standards, but better than say, some Mattel stuff from the same scale. You can tell these were originally sculpted from ME2 as the Claymore is in its original massive glory! Also, because Grunt is not in ME3 much to speak of. Grunt also comes with a stand which slots into his right foot, but, astonishingly, he doesn't need it much.

Because I had a really hard time getting a fix on the scale of these figures from looking online, I decided to do a scale comparison. So, Grunt is bigger than a Spartan, but smaller than a hunter. Seems legit.


Gotthammer said...

Good the hear the quality is up to scratch - most of the issues I've heard of have been associated with the second wave figures.
Scaling looks about right - Krogan eye levels are about the same as human or a bit taller, so the figure fits well enough.

I can also report that the Bishoujo Liara statue is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to the FemShep one.

CounterFett said...

Oh, you did get the Bishoujo? I have heard tons of people rage about that, but I honestly thought it looked kind of cool! Though I gather they gave her a 'reduction' before the final release?

I knew you were going to get the Femshep. It was something of a foregone conclusion in my mind.

Now if they'll just release Liara in this scale.

Gotthammer said...

Indeed I did (only after the Extended Cut was released though!). You are correct that they did change some of her... proportions, as well as adjusting the face sculpt a little to reduce the chibiness of it.

It's funny that everyone complains about too much Liara / she's obviously the favourite one (as she should be) - but she's got next to no merch available! *grumble grumble*

CounterFett said...

You need to post some pics dude.