Thursday, August 16, 2012

Help Counterfett! Contribute To The Devolution Of Art!

Just because I don't know when I would otherwise post this.
Hey all, Counterfett here. Like the title says, I need some help.

I am running out of things to post for Painting with Paint™. I originally had planned to post one painting a week, which would have lasted me for about 5 months when I started, but that felt lazy, and besides, I was all excited to post 'themes' of multiple images on the same topic.

So essentially, for those of you who like the series, what would you like me to paint? I can do more Mass Effect (which I will probably do anyway), Halo, Starcraft, Skyrim, and the like. I can do different topics within what I am doing already, or I can do totally different things. I just kind of need a bearing at this point.

The only ground rule I have is that it should be something from a video game so I can grab a screen capture. I don't do other peoples' art, or something from someone else's stills. It doesn't even need to be a game I have. I can basically get a still from one of my friends for just about any game put out in the last decade (which coincidentally is about the era of decent in-game CGI I would be willing to paint anyway).

So, leave a comment and determine the fate of the galaxy!

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Mik said...

How about shopkeepers and architecture of Skyrim?