Friday, August 17, 2012

My Main Man Garrus: What Was In The Box Part II

My Main Man Garrus!
Well, it seems a week has past already since my loverly box arrived via UPS, and because of the Sci-D'Arm countdown, I have regrettably neglected to posting my last but not least figure, Garrus Vakarian. This was the figure I was most looking forward to from the wave, and sadly, is probably the worst figure.

What do you call it when a Turian kills a horrible spiky monster? Friendly fire!
Not that he's so bad, but after hearing how bad the series was, then seeing that Grunt and Legion were both pretty good, than how terrific Tali is, Garrus just seems...mediocre. To be fair, it's a decent likeness. Articulation is limited on the arms, but the characters range of motion in the game is limited too.

Think I'm going to have this gun a statue right here...
Like Legion, he comes with the wrong rifle. Happily enough, he can just trade with Legion to remedy the situation! On my example, his Kuwashi visor is not affixed to his eye the way it should be, and kind of hangs off to the side, as you can see in the photos. I plan on fixing this with some cement, but still a bummer on a new in package figure.

I'm Garrus Vakarian, and this is my favorite blog on the internet!
Obviously, as the collar on his armor is chewed up, and he has the bandage on his face, this is ME2 Garrus and not ME3. Whatever, it's Garrus, and we all love Garrus. While this is the least well executed of the figures I have from the line so far, it is still pretty good, and is a big check mark off of my collection bucket list.

Now I have to go back and get Shepard, just so Garrus has someone to shoot bottles with.

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Mik said...

Very cool! I may have to pick one of these up!