Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Painting Minis: Oh My Gosh...How Long Has It Been?

Yes, my workbench is made from a door and sawhorses...isn't yours?
I had that moment today when editing posts on my blog. It's called "All Things Fett: Toy and Wargame Blogging Since 2008," but when was the last time I really talked about Wargaming? Uh, wow, I never finished these EM-4 -> Cerberus Assault Troopers.

So. I think I will be working on that this weekend. I've seriously been on a pretty bad mini hiatus, since I wasn't able to paint at all while my arm was hurt, then needing to sell so much of my armies when the company didn't pay me for my disability. The hobby never really bounced back from that.


MIK said...

I have been in love with these minis for half of my life. Are they still available?

Looking forward to seeing what you've got cooking! Remember, washes are your friend!

CounterFett said...

Yeah, they are pretty great, and at a good price!


I have a pile of these dudes. Thinking of turning the officer pose into guardians.

I have a nice selection of washes I purchased specifically for this project, along with the minis for Shepard, Tali & Liara.