Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Painting with Paint™ - Chambers and Traynor

I swing between thinking that these two are either overly fetishized by Mass Effect fans, or that they don't get the attention they deserve.

Like Tali in 2, Chambers gets a major graphical overhaul for 3. I wish I could make her eyes less Derpy, but that's really the color they are!
In ME2, Chambers is a romance option if you not only flirt with her through the whole game, but have no other romances, and also save the ENTIRE crew from the collectors, then visit your cabin and check the email from her, then call her up. Basically she's an Easter egg. Though she does become a more 'mainstream' romance in ME3 if you have a save file.

I'm actually proud of this one. It was really difficult finding a good screenshot of her where she wasn't in the shower. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.
Traynor, on the other hand, is a romance option only for a Female Shepard. She becomes available earlier than any other romantic option, and has more unique interaction with Shepard than anyone else as well. She's pretty cool. I wonder if fan reaction to Chambers made Bioware give the friendly tech assistant character more play in 3?

So, like I said, either these are complex, important characters that deserve more respect in the franchise, or they are minor characters that have been thrust to prominence by male players with workplace issues. I could go either way.


Gotthammer said...

As much as I like Sam (she's my favourite addition after Vega), I think in the plot she had too much of an overlap with Liara in terms of plot necessity.
By that I mean Liara didn't ever get to do anything with her Shadow Broker contacts that directly helped Shepard (say, finding Kai Leng after Thessia) so it felt a bit redundant.

I did like that Liara did seem to be a bit useless as the SB and that everyone knew she was, but I would ahve like her to have a moment where she went "oh I actually know something for a change" ;p
But then I'd be lamenting Sam's lack of screentime so...

And someone at BioWare really hates Kelly given the number of (fairly sadistic) ways you can get her killed compared to every other crewmember. I prefer her ME2 model personally also.

Great pics too BTW! Sam's portrait is really good :)

CounterFett said...

Dang it, I had somehow not noticed the fact that Liara being the Shadow Broker was no help at all! That cannot be unread! I blame you Gotthammer!

Gotthammer said...

I didn't either until it was pointed out to me!

It's like The Ring or something, lol ;)